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Howdy, I’m Woogeroo.

Welcome to my page about Matraca, my 1965 Chevrolet C10 long wheel base, step side pickup truck.

above photo taken on 08/13/2016

On this page I share photos, captions & other assorted details of various things about my 1965 Chevrolet C10 step side truck, pictured above. In some cases, there are detailed explanations as to how I repaired certain items, etc..

See the Details section for specs on the drive train and what not, if that interests you.

The Gallery & Projects section shows the many photos I have taken since acquiring the truck in 2003. They cover all areas of my tinkering and use of the truck. Check out the different sections of photos to see all sorts of different areas of the truck; inside, underneath and with out.

The most recently added page(s) to the Gallery & Projects section:

03/27/2021 – Broken weather strip – 4 pictures

03/27/2021 – wiper arm removal tool – 3 pictures

The newest blog post is:

That rubber piece that holds the main harness plug in the engine bay…

I also have some 1960-1966 Chevy/GMC truck articles & 60-66 truck related links on my
House of Woogeroo site, in the 1960-1966 Chevrolet Truck Information Section . This section contains handy information if you are new to these 1960-1966 Chevrolet model trucks or if you are researching things while pondering buying one.

See the next section below for links to some other helpful old Chevrolet truck related articles I’ve written or helped to write.

Enjoy, and remember: old trucks are fun(repeat until you believe)!


House of Woogeroo

A helpful article that I wrote : Where do I find answers for my 1960-1966 truck questions?
(please read the article above before contacting me, it will answer a lot of your questions!)

The Chevrolet / GMC Truck Parts Vendors List
(over 60 plus vendors listed and linked, with addresses, etc..)

An article about searching for used pre-1973 Chevy/GMC Truck parts.
(a lot of the information, methods and sources will also apply to newer model trucks)

Gallery & Projects

See the Gallery & Projects page for an index of the various photos I have posted of the many different areas of my truck. I have details showing some of the fixes and repairs I have done over time, so poke around and explore. You may find something useful that helps explain something to you. There are 50+ separate pages of photos of my truck and it’s various components, parts & pieces taken since 2003. Each year, has entries linked to whatever project I was documenting at the time… or whatever I happened to be photographing.





















miscellaneous images

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