1965 Chevrolet Truck – C-10 Series 1500 (1/2 ton)

Model C1504 = long wheel base – 127 inches, step side with an 8 foot bed.

Wheelbase is the length between the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel.

The step side bed measurements:

from the surface of the bed wood to the top of of the bed rail – 17 3/8th inches

Bed Length 8 feet 4 inches (100 inches) – outside edge to outside edge

Bed Width 4 feet 2 inches(50 inches) – inside to inside

Usable Inside Bed Length 8 feet 1 Inch (97 inches)

33.68 square feet of bed space.

How’d I figure the square feet of the bed? Well, I got curious one day, so… 50 inches times 97 inches equals 4850 square inches of bed space. 4850 divided by 144(144 square inches in a square foot) equals 33.68 square feet.

27,432 Model C1504’s produced for the 1965 year model.

Purchased and brought to the house: April 4th, 2003.

Faded baby blue and rust, chrome front bumper and painted white rear bumper.

There was a goofy trailer hitch on it when I bought it, with lights already wired up. The trailer hitch for some reason was welded to the bumper and then back underneath the bed and to part of a cross member for the bed between the frame rails. I have since had it taken off and plan to have another hitch put under there.

click here to see the old goofy trailer hitch

When I purchased the truck in April of 2003, there was no emergency brake cable system. I have since installed the original type handle and upgraded to a ’66 and later Chevy truck e-brake cable system. The ’66 and later system doesn’t interfere with the automatic transmission setup that my truck has.

This truck used to have this electric box with a brake line running to it for electrically controlled trailer brakes. To see a picture of this box: Electric Trailer Brakes Box This unit started leaking brake fluid from inside the control box pictured and was removed in March 2006 along with all of the wires and the plug in the back.

Engine: 5.7 L Chevrolet – truck / 1992 / 350cid / 210 hp / manual trans / RPO# L-05 / TBI(throttle body injection) vin K(Canada assembly plant)

The Engine Numbers : small block chevy

Water Pump: apparently it is the water pump for a 1986 Chevy truck with the 350/5.7L engine. It has the bolt holes on the front for the power steering pump on the driver side and the bottom alternator bracket on the passenger side. Also, the bolt hole for the top bracket that the alternator slides along for tension is mounted to the top bolt hole.

Transmission: On the column shift, 3 speed automatic transmission. I think it is a TH350 – judging from the shape of the pan.
(Thanks Mechainiac, Fred T and Lugnut from the Stovebolt page)

Steering column: 1971 Chevy truck non-tilt steering column with automatic shifter arm & hazard lights switch

Carburetor: Holley – Model 4160 – single pumper 600cfm.

Intake: Edelbrock Standard Performer – Dual Plane

Tachometer: Sunpro Sun Super tach II Tachometer – 3-3/8 inch tachometer – CP7901

Other doodads: Electric fuel pump. Chevy truck power steering box, which I *think* is a ’67-’72 with the ’92 type engine power steering fluid pump. Power brakes master cylinder is a 1968 or later, I think. Stock drum brakes all the way around.

Rear Axle: GM 12 bolt posi-traction with a .373 gear. <- for a long time I thought it was a .308 gear, but I had some rear end work done and my mechanic told me that it is in fact, a .373 gear.


An image and the information for the under the dash AC unit that was in the truck when I bought it.

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amount produced, series and model number from:

Chevrolet Pickups – 1946-1972
by John Gunnell
ISBN: 0-87938-282-1


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