ac underdash unit


AC Controls

Update: summer of 2005 I took off the air condition unit and the compressor, as my mechanic told me one of the hoses was busted, it was going to cost a lot of $$ and then there was no guarantee it would all work.

From back when I first got it: Air Condition Unit, it blows air, but not cold. This requires further investigation. Mark IV is on the front of the A/C unit in the interior. Also, the compressor only comes on/engages when ya flip a switch on the dash. It still doesn’t get cold. ‘shrug’

On the front of this unit, to the right of the knobs, are the words: Mark IV Custom.
On the side of this unit, not in the picture are the words:

Manufactured by John E. Mitchell Co.
Dallas, Texas
Serial Number: DC-3271
Charge with R12
Patents Applied For

Under the hood, on the compressor:
Harrison Radiator Division
General Motors Corp. Dayton, Ohio

R-12 Refrigerant
Under High Pressure

S.A.E. J639

Code No: the numbers are not decipherable

Refrigerant Oil: 0.17kg(6.0oz)

Model no: 1131448 / 488