04/09/2005 : 4 pics


The wheels on this truck are the original style 1965 15 inch steel wheels, painted a semi-gloss black.

The hubcaps in these pictures were originally for a base model Chevrolet Nova 1971-1973ish. Part number for the hubcap: 39961381

There are some later photos from 05/30/2006 of the original style, 15 inch steel wheels with the hubcaps off. There are also some photos of the internal pieces of the brakes inside the drums there as well.

If you are looking to do a quick and easy change to the look of your truck, this is a good way to go. A lot of the parts vendors sell hub caps that are almost identical, except they do not have the bow tie stamped in the center.

Photos of the inside/outside edge measurements of these hubcaps are here: 06/12/2013 – hubcap measurements