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2006, is when I finally bought my own point and shoot digital camera. It became very useful for taking photos of parts and pieces so that I could ask questions about them online. A very handy tool!

01/20/2006 – 7 pictures

New tail lights, interior and engine shots

01/31/2006 – 5 pictures

rear of the truck, side mirror bracket, chain cover, holes in the door

02/11/2006 – 8 pictures

‘new(re: oem used)’ big honkin’ mirrors

02/26/2006 – 18 pictures

lots of sunshiney day pics from all sides

3/08/2006 – brake line routing

a write up of the routing of the brake lines, with fittings and sizes.

03/11/2006 – 17 pictures

rear of truck after removing electric trailer brakes, plus some engine compartment shots and interior

03/12/2006 – 4 pictures

after the wheels and tires are touched up and cleaned

04/06/2006 – 2 pictures

random shots of the truck in the driveway

05/06/2006 – 2 pictures

at dusk, in a parking lot before leaving a car show.

05/27/2006 – 5 pictures

chrome bumper guards installed.

05/30/2006 – 20 pictures

front and rear brakes with the drums off, side shots, up close wheel shots with hubcaps off

06/14/2006 – 20 pictures

up close shots of goofy trailer hitch – big side mirrors – ’65 C10 side emblem shots – and other random pics

09/25/2006 – 16 pictures

1965 Chevrolet step side pickup under the bed spare tire setup

Gallery & Projects