01/20/2006 : 7 pics


Photo One :

This picture shows the original style reproduction step side tail lights that I bought to replace the trailer type lights that were on it when I bought it. I went with the black ones, as I thought it’d look goofy to have chrome tail lights with my painted rear bumper and the rest of the rusting ambiance.

The other thing in this picture, are the tail gate chain covers, which I replaced. I also used a Testor model paint pen with black paint, to touch up the exposed parts of the chain. They were rusted, so this was a slight improvement and I think it looks nicer.

Photo Three:

The smiley face is there, because the tach that was in my truck got fried… so I put a piece of black construction paper secured with duct tape and a auto parts smiley in there until I get around to replacing it.

This picture also shows the horn button, which has the red bowtie in the center. I touched it up using a red Testor model paint pen. I think it looks really good, considering the cost and minimal effort that was put into it.

The gear indicator on the column(the column is a chevy truck ’71) is also a reproduction or new old stock part, I’m not sure which but it came in an actual GM parts box.