11/04/2010 : 5 pics – brake booster and MC mounted in engine bay


Stock 1965 power vacuum brake booster bolted to a 1969 C10 dual pot master brake cylinder.

My new brake booster!

If any of you are curious, that is a 9 inch diameter(not exact) brake booster for a 1964-1966 chevy truck with drum brakes.

FYI: the master cylinder in these pictures is for a 1969, it bolts up. It has the dual pots, one for the front, one for the back. The original stock one only had one pot.

I wrote out this little parts searching adventure for an old truck pal of mine, who I knew could relate.

It is just one of those ‘old trucks are fun’ adventures… especially when you are trying to find parts, type stories.

Nuthin’ fancy.

Read on if you like parts searching stories…

If not, stop reading now.

Old trucks are fun!


— story begins here —-

So… big blue ’65 chevy truck was having this issue with the brakes where I would have to LEAN HARD on the pedal to make. it. STOP.

It would stop, but I had to MASHONIT!


So, big blue has a 1969 gmc dual pot MC(according to NAPA)… with vacuum booster assist with 4 wheel drum brakes.

Now, I start checking the brake fluid… it’s good.

No leaks any where that I can see.

Pedal is good, doesn’t sink, isn’t soft, doesn’t change…


So I ask around some old truck buddies, cuz I’m thinking it’s the old brake booster which was on there when I bought olde truck in April 2003.

I’m not sure tho’, cuz I’ve never had this particular issue on a vehicle before.

I do some more hunting around and I found some interesting tech articles on things to check regarding brakes issues and how to do it.

To be simple, I swapped in a new brake booster check valve on the vacuum line. No change.

I decide booster must be slap worn out as my daddy would say.

Now! Here begins my parts quest.

Early this week, I go off to see the wizard, at the wonderful world of NAPA.

I’m thinking, it’s a 1969 MC, it *might* but might not be a 1969 brake booster.

Well, local NAPA doesn’t have one… but, the local North Georgia monster warehouse(which also has a store) that supplies the NAPA’s is only another 7-9 miles away. So, I buzz over there…

I talk to the counter man and tell him my troubles. He brings up a 1969 c10 brake booster.

It is WAY bigger in diameter ( mine is 9 inches, this one is 11 inches)… and the rod linkage out the back is much longer as well.


I’m thinking it will not jive, but I buy it anyway when they tell me that the 1965 brake booster is on factory back order! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH

Well, I get home and it takes all of 30 secs to realize…. ‘no, this is not going to work, at all.’

Next day I buzz back out, get a refund, etc..

I come back to my side of town and I ease by the O’Reilly store… lady says she can get a ’65 c10 booster, 9 inch diameter that afternoon. Yay I says, here’s da money….

That afternoon comes and I go to get it.

I go home and it looks… almost right.

But… not… quite.

I have the ’60-’63 style in my hand, which I now know has vertical brackets/linkages as opposed to the ’64-’66 which has horizontal brackets.

I’m in school and learning fast now!

Back to the O’Reillys and I show the counter lady my problems. She is like… ‘hmnnn… yeah, that doesn’t work’.

Back to the super computer!

She clicks and clacks and tells me that she can’t find ‘just the brake booster’ anywhere nearby… so she looks for a loaded one, which in parts speak means, with a master brake cylinder attached. I don’t need that single pot deal, as I have the later model MC with the dual pots… she say: it’s only a 10 dollar difference and I can have it here tomorrow afternoon by 3:30.

I say: well, alrighty then, let’s get it going then.

Then I go and pick up the part… of course it’s misty/cold/foggy raining… and ta da, it looks like it’ll work. I took my brackets with me this time.

I get home and eyeball it and it looks all happy.

OK… so, today, rain is passed, kidna chilly, but no biggie, at least it isn’t raining no more. I get really bitchy when I have to get wet working on cars, I must be part cat or something… but I digress…

where was I?

Oh yes… epic adventure trying to figure out which parts to put back together first in the interest of my sanity.

I only had to take one thing back apart to regroup.

Then I had to wiggle, pry and nurse everything back into happy alignment.

After all of this….

one new 1965 c10 brake booster, which came with a new check valve… and I replaced the vacuum line while I was at it.

Put it all back together, snugged everything up, put vacuum lines on… grabbed tools out of the way and took it for a ride.

It stops good now, I blip it too fast and it’ll throw stuff out of the seat.



I’m so happy.

I’m back on the road in my old jalopy…


I’m a happy boy.


— story ends —-

my old truck pal had this to write back :

So, $50 in parts and $300 in gas to finally get the right part?
Sounds about right.


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