12/24/2014 – tire woes


I went outside Xmas Eve afternoon and I had a flat.

Well, at least it was in the driveway, right?

I took the wheel off, checked it out, found a nail, pulled it out, got out my very basic tire plug kit, broke the handle… and got it plugged up.

O.K., yay… put it back on the truck thinking I was done. Took it for a spin to really set the plug good… stopped and checked the air, I’d already lost 7 pounds. Hmmn. Found a gas station, put some air in, went home.

I got home and stepped out of the truck and I could hear the hissing… but, wait, it isn’t near the tread… it was coming out of the valve stem. It was cracked, right near the wheel. Really? What are the odds? Picking up a nail and cracking a valve stem all on the same day? OK, no valve stems handy, so took it back off, put on the spare.

I took it to the tire place and had them put a new valve stem on it, now it is back on the truck and all is well in the world.

I put some epoxy in the broken handle… we’ll see if that holds it or not.

I think I will buy one of those Safety Seals kits for auto/light trucks tho’.

Old trucks are fun.




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