02/17/2017 – add a fuse block



I added a 3 circuit fuse block to my 1965 Chevrolet C10 step side pickup this week. I kept having a blown fuse on the circuit with the radio and the heater blower fan, so I figured it was time to relocate the radio so the heater blower fan would have the amps to itself.

I used a P/N 70114 / CirKit Boss Heavy Duty Auxiliary Fuse Block/3 Circuits (3 Ignition 12V/70 Amps maximum) from Painless Performance. The install was fairly straight forward, I just had to get creative on how I wanted the 12v ignition hot setup to work. This is what powers the relay, which activates the power to the fuse block, so the wires are only hot when the ignition is on, so it is for accessories and things.

The kit came with almost everything that I needed. I did however have to get some extra 10 gauge wire and some crimp connectors of the corresponding size to extend the positive wire to the battery. The kit length 10 gauge positive wire is 8 feet long, I believe. I decided to let the wire route through through the core support out of the way and follow along the stock wires route, it seemed to work out a bit better for my layout. Also, using the connectors to plug it/unplug helped me during setup. I could go ahead and wire it up on the battery side, get all that snugged down… and then leave it unplugged while I wired up the fuse block inside. The other item I had to buy was an extra long self tapping sheet metal screw to mount the relay. The one that was included was just too short for the mat in my truck, so a trip to the hardware store sorted that out quickly. The two long sheet metal screws for mounting the fuse block itself worked fine. It also has two rubber bushing/spacers if you need them, I decided to use them, it seemed to fit better.

I wired up the radio to the top circuit and now I have 2 extra circuits for adding things or changing things over to in the near future.

Old trucks are fun.

February 2017

P.S. I added the details of this fuse block kit below if someone wanders in here and is interested. The company makes several fuse block options with many more circuits if needed and they also have entire wiring harnesses if that is what you need.





P/N 70114

CirKit Boss Heavy Duty Auxiliary Fuse Block/3 Circuits (3 Ignition 12V)
(link still works as of 02/2017)

The manual that comes with the kit in a .PDF file :