01/28/2019 – radiator



from side to side : 25 1/2″

from top to bottom : 18 1/2″

top hole diameter from thermostat to radiator: 1 1/2″

bottom hole diameter from engine to water pump: 1 3/4″

outside edge to outside edge of the bump things on the bottom that sit in the brackets to hold the radiator in place: 21″


This is the radiator that is in my 1965 Chevrolet C10 pickup. However, I’m 90% sure it is not a 1960-1966 radiator as the mounts that hold it at the top are 67′-’72 bits… also the ’64-’66 radiators stand up taller and are more narrow. Plus they have a different top clamp/bracket that holds it in place.

So I am trying to figure out just what radiator this is out of. Therefore I took these photos to ask the other old truck folks online what they think.

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100 Chevy from Chevytalk.org told me:

Not a 67/72.
Looks like a cross flow from 73 up.
Cap on the corner too.
67/72,the lower return hose outlet is kicked up to clear the frame drop.

my old Chevy truck pal Lakeroadster wrote:

Based on the tanks yours looks like a 1973-1977. Keep in mind you may have a mixture of stock tanks on a different core. A good radiator shop can mix and match parts.



junkman101 from chevytalk.org wrote:

Your pictures show you measuring overall width and height, Radiators are measured by core size. Best advice I can think of is try a Mom & Pop parts store that may have those old timey things called printed parts books. Radiators used to be listed in them with core sizes and pictures.

old trucks are fun!


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