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If you would like to send me a message or ask a question about something, please contact me here. I may not be able to answer your question, but I will reply.

Be sure to peruse the Gallery & Projects section here on the site. I have text descriptions of each page of projects or just random shots of the truck. Click on the year(2003, 2004, etc.,…) links to find the individual pages. You can learn a bout a lot of fixes & repairs I have made which may be useful to you with your projects.

If you have questions about parts sources or where to find information about this body style of Chevy truck, check out these links here, first : 

A helpful article that I wrote : Where do I find answers for my 1960-1966 truck questions?
(please read the article above before contacting me, it will answer a lot of your old truck questions!)

The Chevrolet / GMC Truck Parts Vendors List
(over 60 plus vendors listed and linked, with addresses, etc..)

An article about searching for used pre-1973 Chevy/GMC Truck parts.
(a lot of the information, methods and sources will also apply to newer model trucks)

In addition, if you happen to find broken links or encounter any sort of strangeness related to the site here, please let me know!